May 27, 2010

Don't touch me !

Don't look into my eyes,
don't touch,
I'm on my knees,
trying not to fall apart.

I would drown into you,
drain you,
lose myself.

Lose you.

(Mora M. Ipekon, Sweden)

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KOSTAS PAP said...

Don’t look into my soul
Don’t feel me
I’m a dead man.
Feel no mercy
For I have forgiven you
For letting me fall
By the night of sorrow.

negentropist said...


Όμορφο ...

Ιδού ποιοί "στέλνουν" τις γυναίκες


Anonymous said...

Υπεροχοι ΤΥΠΟΙ..

Anonymous said...

αυτό στη θέση άλλου σχολίου:

Searching, seeking for answers I can’t find
Begging, pleading, for some peace of mind.
How to undo the things that went wrong
When I pretended they weren’t there for so long
Expecting me to just forget the past
When your love fades away it’s the memories that last
How do I replace the trust that has gone astray?
Without feeling like I am losing myself in some way
Help me believe that what you tell me is true
Show me that I can once again depend on you
Prove to me that what we have is real
That the things you say are the things you feel
You say that your love for me is true
But while you’re with her I am home waiting for you
You say your feelings won’t ever go away
Still I always feel like I am begging you to stay
I try to hide the way it is I really feel
Convincing myself that it’s not real
So afraid to tell you the thoughts in my head
Cause you’ll push me away and go to her instead
I am so afraid to reveal to you the things that bring me pain
Because I could not stand to lose you again

negentropist said...


εγώ τι άλλο να πω ? :)))

Αφήνω την γλυκύτατη Helen Shapiro να τα πει ΟΛΑ !

My Guy (1968)

Καλό σου βράδυ


Celestia said...

I don't need redemption
You can raise me up
you can make me see
The wonder and the innocence in everything
I wanna lose myself
lose myself in you

negentropist said...

Σε καλωσορίζω Celestia, με 2 "αντιθετικά" μουσικά κομμάτια:

Quando calliente el sol (Όταν καίει ο ήλιος)

Stormy Weather