July 1, 2011

Pennies From Heaven

Ο διαχρονικός  Dennis Potter .. με κέρματα απ' τον ουρανό .. για όλους μας  ..

A long time ago
A million years BC
Were absolutely free
But no one appreciated
A sky that was always blue
And no one congratulated
A moon that was always new
So it was planned that they would vanish now and then
And you must pay before you get them back again
That's what storms were made for
And you shouldn't be afraid for

Every time it rains, it rains
Pennies from heaven
Don't you know each cloud contains
Pennies from heaven
You'll find your fortune falling
All over town
Be sure that your umbrella is upside down

Trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers
If you want the things you love
You must have showers
So when you hear it thunder
There'll be pennies from heaven for you and me.

ΥΓ: Η παραπάνω εικόνα "κρύβει" μία μικρή γεύση της ιδιοφυίας του πολυαγαπημένου  Dennis Potter .. μη διστάσετε να την κλικάρετε .. το ίδιο ισχύει και για τα 7 links !



Anonymous said...

Ok Stavros, absolutely enjoyable.
It makes my day nice. The videos are wonderfull. Thank's
to alataki...

negentropist said...

I'm glad u appreciate it, Ioanna :)

Following the Bee Gees spirit:

" We need to learn,

'cause we're living in a world of fools .. breaking us down .. "

Have a nice week !


Bitch said...

All we need is pennies from heaven
and a few more things....
Wish you a very nice summer!

negentropist said...

A few more things .. indeed :)

Percy Faith - A summer place

Wish you a wonderful summer, Monika !

Candy Dulfer - So what !

Have fun !