September 1, 2012

Girl Talk


In the following rare footage you may enjoy one of my all-time favorite blues-jazz songs, performed by the Canadian jazz legend Brian Browne.

If you watch carefully (eg at 1:20, 2:10 and 3:10) you will realize that Brian plays with eyes closed ..


They like to chat about the dresses they will wear tonight
They chew the fat about their tresses and the neighbours' fight
Inconsequential things that men don't really care to know
Become essential things that women find so apropos

But that's a dame, they're all the same 
It's just a game, they call it girl talk

They all me-ouw about the ups and downs of all their friends
The who, the how, the why, they dish the dirt, it never ends
The weaker sex, the speaker sex, we mortal males behold 
But though we joke, we wouldn't trade you for a ton of gold

So baby stay, and gab away but hear me say 
That after girl talk, talk to me

PS.  Do not hesitate to click on the 2 images and the 3 links !



etcétera said...

The piano is one of my hidden love.


negentropist said...

Awww :)

The alto saxophone is my greatest unfulfilled love, etcétera ..

The joy of Sax

I wish you a nice weekend, with the company of wonderful piano music, like the following one:

Supertramp - From Now On

Music definitely helps us to drift away from all the dull routine that's with us every day !

Who can disagree?


Alex said...

Καλό φθινόπωρο Σταύρο !
Η μουσική υπέροχη όπως πάντα !

negentropist said...

Καλό φθινόπωρο Aλεξία !
Αέρινη .. όπως πάντα !

The summer is over

"The world goes around without even a sound and it looks like the summer is over .."


misoagnosti said...

Καλό Φθινόπωρο

negentropist said...

Καλό Φθινόπωρο και σε σένα, μισοάγνωστη e-φίλη !

Mind trick