April 15, 2010

The joy of Sax

You may wonder why this post is in English. A few months ago, a fellow blogger brought to my attention that my posts were ... all Greek to her, and that the various translation software engines I suggested, were  all deplorable. That's why today I finally decided to try my ... super duper english.

Let me first introduce the extremely shy elephant in the room, as quickly as possible !

One of my dreams as a teenager was to become an alto sax player. Instead, I became a superb sax ... listener !!!  Why ? I knew that in any field, particularly  in the fine arts, fulfillment of dreams occurs only when talent coexists  with hard work and dedication. In those "teen" years my mind was permeated with the arbitrary notion, that I lacked all the aforementioned prerequisites. Furthermore, sport, chess and (later) universities occupied most of my free time, and the net result was that I never even touched the ... bloody instrument. Sometimes I wonder, not without remorse ... how can one be relatively certain of something like this, without even trying, at least once ? The situation doesn't get any better, whenever my brother - an excellent latin jazz guitarist and composer - tells me that I have a unique "musical" ear ! Sometimes I suspect  he does it just to annoy me for not playing the sax, and of course he cracks me up - quite easily - most of the time !

After this brief encounter with my peculiar elephant, you may have guessed that of all the musical instruments, my absolute choice are the "brass" ones,  saxophone being the real king of the horns. I love this instrument, because I think it approximates the human voice more closely than any of its rivals. The most observant readers  will have already realized that more than 90 %  of the songs hidden in the pictures of my posts, contain "brass" sounds.

I hope you will enjoy the following 2 poems of ... pure sax poetry:

The saxophone (Steve Patterson)  

the saxophone
moans its mournful tone
each deep, rich note
its mournful wail
a symphony,
giving sympathy
to my mournful soul

each mellow sound
aiding my Whole
to be found

the saxophone
its mournful tone
its mellow moan
cuts to the bone
cuts thru'
my heart of stone

Saxophone Love (Kimberly D. Robinson) 

Friday night was Jazz Night
at the Blue Bongo Club
down on 57th Street

He started blowing about
three Fridays ago, and
his presence alone would
give one pause

Me and the girls went
every Friday night, but
that Friday was different

Between deep Tenor breaths,
he looked at me,
like I belonged to him

After the gig was over,
he asked me to stay

He seemed to know that
I wanted to feel the
stiffness of his brass horn

Alone, we talked, we danced
then he pulled out his brass
it felt so good in my hands

Cool, erect, and smooth
to my touch, he titillated me
oh so gently

I tasted and in and out
and out and in
my mouth moistened for more

He threw his head back
to partake of my...
performance and smiled

When done
we both agreed
I needed to take...
Saxophone Lessons

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to alataki said...

No comments! I'm not an English native speaker!!!

OZA ROUGE said...

Νομιζω οτι χρειαζεσαι επειγοντως Saxophone Lessons! Ευχομαι να βγει αληθινη η επιθυμια σου.
Καλο Βραδυ!

ria said...

ωραία η ανάρτηση, αλλά με συνεπήρε η μουσική που κρύβουν τα λινκ...

καλό σαββατοκύριακο!

to alataki said...

Well my friend, I have handed from you!!!
Just remember, it's never too late, you may still become an awesome sax virtouoso!!!!
My greetings...

YΓ. Ο ένοχος γυρνά στον τόπο του εγκλήματος...