October 15, 2011

Just another cat ?


That guy who lives downstairs lost his cat weeks ago.
She was too old for another Summer.
There must be a cat dying somewhere every day,
he told himself, but it was just cold comfort.
Losing feels like dying sometimes, don't you think?
Always try to be good, but whatever I did was wrong.

The guy that lives downstairs found his cat dead two weeks ago.
He tried to wake her up, she was too tired for another Summer.
He buried his cat behind our house, and quite a few quiet tears.
But he'll probably not stay alone for long,
but it would have been cool if it had been special.
But it ain't.

That guy who lives downstairs was sad for a few days,
then he decided that he didn't want to stay alone no more
and got himself another cat.

She was white instead of black, but after all, a cat.
That girl I met last week was probably not very special after all.
But I'm trying to be good and sometimes I think of you.

YΓ1. Just another cat ? I don't think so ..

YΓ2. Why don't you click on the 2 images and the sole link?


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