February 1, 2013

Ένδοξο κομμάτι !


If I try to take you there, would you come with me?
The reason flies, the fear is scare, the ocean loves the sea

Rhythm is love
Heaven is just another word
For the feeling called musical

Color is lust
Because all of the sexual things we do in my mind

I trust you to make them all colorful

I’d like to put you in such romance
Take you down to Paris, France
Leave the Cafés and the bars
Walk the wintry boulevards

Is that a smile I see?
Maybe you’re not even looking at me
If you smile for no reason, the season is lost

If your love is the rhythm, my rhythm is love

Coming at you like this!

                                                                                   Anthony Tewfik - The Last Glass 



misoagnosti said...

Την καλημέρα μου!
Καλό μήνα φίλε

negentropist said...

Kαλό μήνα, αγαπητή e-φίλη !

Sellers 4 ever