November 5, 2011

Don't go to strangers

Build your dreams to the stars above
But when you need someone true to love,
Don't go to strangers darling, come home to me.

Play with fire till your fingers burn,
And when there's no place for you to turn,
Don't go to strangers darling, come home to me.

For, when you hear a call to follow your heart,
You'll follow your heart I know.
I've been through it all, and I'm an old hand,
And I'll understand if you go! So,
Make your mark for your friends to see
But when you need more than company
Don't go to strangers, come home to me.
YΓ1.  Θεσπέσια και τα 2 video .. μουσική "απόσταση" 46 χρόνων !

ΥΓ2. Κάτι "κρύβουν" οι 2 εικόνες και τα 3 link  .. αν θέλετε βρείτε το ..



Alex said...

τι να λέμε τώρα ! επίκαιρος ...dont go to strangers they wont show you any mercy darling !

Kαλό σου βράδυ Σταύρο !!

stranger at home said...

απίστευτο τραγούδι...

Anonymous said...

Αχ βρε Stav με τα ωραία σου...

to alataki

ΥΓ. Έχει χαθεί η λίστα ανάγνωσης και δεν ξέρω τι μου γίνεται...